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Nileeva Visage Collection
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Daily Cleansing Cloths



  Daily Cleansing Cloths



Cleansing & Makeup Removing Cloths



  Daily Cleansing Cloths


We are a brand  with big dreams about changing the world. Our mission is deeply rooted in quality , providing amazing value to our customers, and our community.  Better products, fewer bucks.


Everyone deserves the right value and we don’t mean cheap.

We've created a thoughtful selection of products you can use in your every day life . Searching far and wide for high-quality materials and quality ingredients, everything that's Nileeva has is less bad-stuff- and  more good stuff.  


We cuts inefficiencies and needless markups to deliver value prices .  Who says better quality needs to be more expensive  ?


There is the hidden cost  you pay for a national brands, usually advertising cost and investors demands for high returns drive these cost high. We are always trained to believe these costs increase quality, but they rarely do.  An average person pays at least 50% more for products of comparable quality as ours. And sometimes up to 400% more for beauty products.  We're here to eliminate this misconception and provide the best value in everyday consumers products.


At Nileeva, the customer comes First!

Profit is important and needed for any growing company, but we believe in working on lower profit margins,  but at the same time explore ways to provide a  positive impact for the people around us  and our planet.


Nileeva commited to providing the best value !


Major Products

  • Feminine Personal Cleansing Cloths

  • Make up remover wipes

  • Eye-Make up remover wipes

  • Nail polish remover wipes

  • Intimate wipes

  • Deodorant wipes

  • Sanitary Napkin

  • Underarm Pads

  • Shower Pads


About Us

Nileeva Daily Cleansing & Luxury Moisturizing Cloths are pH Balanced and infused to help you feel clean and fresh. They are perfect to remove light makeup or impurities from the face, and to clean your hands and body whenever freshness is needed. With just one swipe your skin will feel smooth, soft and fresh. Perfect for all skin types.

Daily Cleansing Cloths

Our Products

Sanitary Napkin & Panty Liner :

Nileeva is one of our house brand of sanitary napkin which comes with ultra soft cottony cover for ultra comfort. 

Feminine Care

Body Care

Deodorant Body Wipes : 

Nileeva deodorant Body wipes offer you superior deodorizing and a freshness that dries quickly They help leave skin feeling soft, refreshed, comfortable all day with no sticky residue. 

Disposable Underarm Pads : 

With deodorizing ingredient, it can effectively 

suppress the sweat odor which is absorbed in a pad.

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